Majess Paris is: 

Thought in Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam, imagined in Bordeaux and reflected in Paris.

It was in 2017, during my year of study in Ho Chi Minh that the idea was born, under the stifling heat, the sun and the tropical climate. Tricky to keep your products cool when you get home from shopping, or to please your friends with an iced aperitif.

The idea floats through my head, during my picnics at Les Invalides, my trips to the beach, my travels…

Three years later, I decided to confine myself to Bordeaux with the man who would make this adventure possible. 

It is therefore in the South West that we decided to embark on this project. Tired of drinking hot water at the beach, tired of unfresh rosé, of cutting short our walks to save our fresh produce or even of carrying an unsightly and far too heavy cooler at arm's length. 

Why not the wicker basket? Timeless, elegant and practical.
Combined with vegetable leather and an insulated pouch: Majess Paris was born .
The combination of elegance and practicality.

It was in Paris that we worked hard to create a quality artisanal product, in keeping with the times and respectful of the environment.

In June 2021, our first collection will be released, many more are to come...
We are counting on you to help us write the rest of the story.

M & J